How are lawyers and Judge in Nepal ?

23 Sharwan, ktm.
Judge/Lawyers must be with justice and good moral voice. It means to make couple to have unification. But in Nepal, many lawyers are separating the couple and earn more money. As the student of law, I don’t take license not to do these fake works like today’s few lawyers and judges in supreme court. I know how to give logics to have truth.

I have seen that lawyers are bought and sold in money to decorate wife and to make house. First they comment someone’s couple or home and they seem to make them good. It is the work of currupted lawyers.Lawers and judge are sold and bought in money. Few lawyers are good but many are bad. Some lawyers/ Judges are making divorce and get child from them as the example of the mother of debated child of Kapan without known father.It is very bad system in Nepal not to speak just voice. So Nepali soil sounds and rivers are mad to finish the bad work of them. If good lawyers and judges are there, they support Pushpa Adhikari and her work who has saved illigal child by hiding truth.

The lawyers should be judgeful and justice. They should not greed to money. They should not make
separation for other’s home. When my father was mayor of Village Assembly he used to make unity of husband wife relationship and family. He never separated other’s home. But now you see divorce and separation everywhere. No lawyers are born with justice. Try to attempt the good lawyers and judge in supreme court otherwise international law should be made by us as with educated hands.