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Shortcomings of Society

Society is not good that it is bad to treat people. The people are bad from home to society. The way of life is very bad to spend with unbelievable people. It is wrong people to block the good voice.
Our society is not formed nicely. It is formed with politics. The family members are treated according to politics. The society is not responsible to good people. The people are bad. They have not good manner to treat the good people. The family members are treated politically. Humanity is lost. Morality is lost.

No love of morality is there. Society has many shortcomings. They are with many defects in the life. The society is structured with many defects and political disease. Political disease is more dangerous than human disease.

So society has many defects on our manner.That harms home and whole community. The society is
made and formed with ignorant people. It should be improved with good doings. The political dust of every member in every home should be removed.

लेखक : Ms. Til Kumari Sharma