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Dreadful Planet Earth

15 Sharwan ktm .
It is our home planet. It is our permanent settlement. Though the beings have faced many deaths. The  earth is beautiful with her varieties of forms. The earth is mother earth. She has capacity to make and  destroy. She has every powers to move. Sometimes she seems dreadful in front of her creations. She has fearful nature somewhere. It is leading of nature mother to win human politics.

Earth is there to have great disaster. The heat and water are produced here. Fire can be
produced.Flooding,landslides,tsunamies,earthquake,volcanoes,lavas,thunderstorm and many others can bring death of many creatures. Nature earth has questioned the human beings for their doings.

Earth seems unfaithful as deceptive lover. She seems with great force to finish human destiny. Mother earth seems powerful and angry. Earth is beautiful planet decorated with many things. Her beauty seems powerful and wild both. Her beauty is dreadful and fearful.

So dreadful is earth and her wild beauty which brings many disasters in earth. Earth herself is huge and immense with her structure. She is full of horror and terror from internal perspective. This planet has unlimited path that is unseen by scientist. They limit the circle. But I see the unlimited path to go anywhere. So she is dreadful planet.

लेखक : Ms Til Kumari Sharma