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Earth and universe are not formed only by Water, Soil and Rocks

14 Sharwan, krm.
Earth and universe are not made only with water , soil and rocks. Inside the land, we see lavas and
volcanoes which make land somewhere. The islands are made only with lavas and volcanoes. Volcanoes and lavas can make rocks and ice. They have wonderful creation.

Transformation is there and sun can be made. All planets are formed with soil, rocks, lavas, ice, water, volcanoes and minerals. There we see the burning gas or fire. Sometimes the volcanoes, lavas and minerals are transformed in hot water. Oh nature! what mystery is hidden in your creation? How dare you are? Science has nothing in developments in front of huge nature. Nature has everything powerful in her formation. It is the huge and large shape of earth that has created the universe with light.

Sun is made with lavas and volcanoes like hot segments. Universe has varieties of beings to balance the nature. We are proud to our nature mother to have such varieties of things which we can not find their exactness. Amazing is my dearest universe and earth to have unlimited productions in my knowledge.

लेखक : Report : Ms.Til Kumari Sharma