Missing in My Dearest Universe

Really I am thinking about whole universe. I am feeling lone and isolated. I feel wonderful when I am wandering to my dearest universe with my deep thinking. Sometimes I feel happy to get such universe to keep in my palm to think over. I love this universe with her amazing creation. She is my mind and weapon to create beautiful writing.

Universe has granded many things. Universe has seen with varieties of water source, soils, stone,
minerals, green plants and varieties of creatures including human. It has the islands of drought and ice.It has volcanoes and lava.Varities are born with amazing art of nature. Infinite wonder comes to me when I am alone in room. How dare the creator is to make such universe which is with unlimited and unfinished knowledge. I think that I am missing in it until my soul. I am eternal even after my death in this dear universe. It is the life and destiny with death bed for everybody. Really It is universe of water and fire to manage death and life.

I think I am missing with her mystery. I am happy with her missing to my beauty and wisdom. I am fairy of art in this dearest universe. I am unseen artist to mention her lovely and wild creation. I am missing to and fro. I feel lucky enough to convey her creation. Oh,mysterious universe you are my body and soul to mention your amazing beauty and sublimity.