Power of Writing

25 Asar, ktm.
Writing is seen as simple matter in our society. But its value is infinite. Today people respect the leaders and politicians. The writer is seen as simple person. Writing is beautiful structure of any writer. The writer is craftsman of world. The writing is storehouse of writer's thinking. So power of writing is significant.

Power of writing has brought the change in world. It has kidnapped the huge leaders and their politics. Power is parent of every genuine writer. The writer has given birth to different writings. The writing is mechanical production. It has created the artistic identity of any writer. The writing power introduces us in world as with divinity power. The writing is divine power. Writing communicates the world and diversity of culture.

So writing is Divine power and it rises our artistic soul to revive alone. Writing is the light of artistic
creation which has in the depth of creative and critical thinking. Writing is the mirror of pain and
suffering. It is the strong bone of writer’s craft. Power of writing is highest than Mt. Everest.