Optimistic Life

21 Asar, ktm.
Life is optimistic when we have hope and aspiration. Optimistic life makes to run the absurdity and void of hopes. Life is flowering and living with optimistic way. It is reason to have optimistic life. Optimistic approach is good to have hope and aspiration. The life is full of green thoughts.

Optimism is hopeful which cuts the hopeless situation. It cuts the depressed mode of life.
It is the light of life to revive the life. Life has done great struggle to achieve the hope. It has brought the good doings in life. Life has meaning with hope. The post modern mind has cut hope and aspiration. As a result, the people are depressed. Life is not void when we see good hopes. Hope has lost depressed mode. Hope is medicine to live the life. Turning to hope brings the aspiration and happiness. So we are  good to live with hope and expectation.

Life should be optimistic and hopeful. It should be with eternal phase. It should be with coming green ness. Light is shown with expectation. Might will be existed everywhere with hope and good thought. So we should be with optimistic wave.