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Value of Writing

6  Asar, ktm.
Writings are monuments of life. The writing creates the artful life. It is detached to normal life which creates the standard life. Writings is the real identity of any writer. The good writings are artistic creations of any writer. It is the life of writing which has created identity. Value is there in creative writing.

The life is attached to light with artistic writing. Writings are children of any writer. So I love my
writings very much. Writers are on screen. Writers are the artistic creations. The writing is one of
creative function. Writing is a kind of jewelry to any writer. It is soul and heart of writer. Very often
writing heals our mind and heart .It is creative production. It is faithful friend. Writing is valued with genuine production. Writing is eternal friend .Writing is in the web design. It is genuine art of our life.
Writing is valued after death too. So writing is parents of every writer. It is decorated soul. It is our life and destiny to identify the life and struggle. So it is valued even after death. So it is valuable being .

लेखक : Report : Til Kumari Sharma