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Struggle of Life

21 Jest,  ktm .

Life is a kind of searching existence of past ,present and future. It is existential struggle from village to
city. Village life seems to depend on agricultural life. City life seems to engage in jobs in different offices.
So my life also begins from villages and lies now in city and villages. When I can measure my struggle, I
see no one as great. As a writer, I see no one as better in struggle.

Struggle is a kind of weapon to cut opposite force and immoral force. It is beautiful innovation to create
thought. The struggle teaches how to write and how to survive. It is the time to know the life and
people. Struggle has taught sometimes the great achievement that is the moral living. It is unknown to
people. We have to exist ourselves. The identity of reality should be with our own existence. Life is
struggle from village to city. It is our ornament of life to rise with moral struggle. Survival with equality is
there.The struggle is ignored by many people.

So struggle should be respected. Now many people ignore struggle that they are fake people. The
egoist people joke to our struggle from village to city. Some intellectual people respect the true struggle.
Selling and buying existence should not be in moral struggle. We should stand ourselves with moral

लेखक : Report : Ms. Til Kumari Sharma