Importance of Mother

Baisakha 11, ktm .
Mother is greatest source of love. She is universe and she is everything for children’s importance. Mother is everything for us. Mother is source of life and destiny. Mother is the origin of every people. The place of mother is not replaced by anything. Mother is the origin of home. So we see the role of mother as greater than nation. Mother should be intelligent to look after children.

Mother is the life branch. She is the universe for every children. Now a days, we see some mothers are throwing the children within plastic bag and they throw in ditch. Some mothers have killed their children in womb with the help of doctor. I think it is a kind of crime. So mothers are those who make the children brighter with their prestige. So mother’s role is greater than others. No man and woman can take the role of mother in earth. Good mother is medicine and she is life .Mother should be intelligent and clever otherwise other people take benefit with her. So mother should be clever enough to save herself.’ The Mother Day’ is beautiful festival which is greatest in world. No Festival can win and substitute ‘Mother’s Day’. Mother is greatest than others. No one can take place in the place of mother. There is not any substitution to replace the mother figure. So she is universe of our life.

We should respect mother very much. She is greater than any politics and leaders. She has great role to play in the life of many. Now a days, people are not caring to mother. They waste for politics. Mother is greater than politics and leaders. She is everything in earth.