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Baisakha 10, ktm .
The word divorce is negative term which has dismissed the home of people. It scatters the home of husband and wife. In the name of freedom, many couples have done divorce. The divorce is not good in the sense of freedom and independence. The intellectuality and understanding should be there in home then divorce would not be there.

Many people have divorced unnecessarily. They have done unnecessary debates and have doubted unnecessarily. The life is with the connection when there is understanding. Now a days, many people are separated due to simple debate. It is not good to break home and family. The true belief should be there. The life will be long when there is understanding and good communication. Perhaps now a days the life is felt easy to people due to divorce. That is not good to have separation between the couple.   Divorce is not good and it is not attached to life and destiny. So divorce is a kind of negative path to separate and to marry to another. In the name of freedom, the male and female do divorce that is not good .Divorce is negative word which dismisses the life of other unmarried people too. So it is not good. Divorce has become fashions today.

I think that divorce and dowry system in marriage should be avoided. Love and marriage are occurred once in life. That love twice is not good path and divorce and bad freedom should not be there which harm the life of couple as well as of other unmarried people and divorce harms the life of children too. So divorce is not good to achieve freedom. Understanding should be there.

लेखक : Reort : Til Kumari Sharma