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Baisakha 10, ktm .
Tourism is a kind of essential thing in country. It plays the vital role to bring the international relationship. It has brought the multicultural concept and the dynamic knowledge. The tourism has to be managed well. Tourism has to establish world brotherhood and sisterhood relation.

Tourism has to play the vital role to respect the foreign people with our own culture. We have to teach them the cultural norms and rules of our country and respect them nicely. The low voice of people should be respected nicely. Now a days, our country has seen foreign people as outsiders and foreign people think us as outsiders and strangers. So we should be familiar to each other with communication. Sometimes foreign culture displays the relation of sex and joy. That is not good to create the human civilization. Actual relation is about the sharing of culture and knowledge with sisterhood and brotherhood relation. Then tourism becomes pure and virtual. That virtual communication brings the light of humanity and morality. That is true human world. Tourism is essential factor of nation and human world. Human is human due to respect, civilization and morality. To connect world, we need to have tourism and its facilities.

So tourism is the needed factor in world. It connects the world communication and world cultures. It seeks the equality of human world. It has presented the human communication and human destiny. It has brought the economic balance with its management. So we have to manage tourism sector positively and nicely.



लेखक : Report :Til Kumari Sharma