Oh nature you are amazing with your gloomy looking.
Your dimness makes me puzzled.

Oh nature you are most beautiful with your movement.
Your greenness makes me at your side.

You are quivering with your unseen beauty.
Oh nature you have lost your hidden sunshine.

You are mourning to something uneasy.
Your cute movement is beauty of alienation and isolation.

You are green desert in the quietness.
It shows the history of time.

You seem beautiful in your visit with uneasy environment.
Your shining beauty makes me kind.

Your height of wit raises me to melt.
Your moving is my shining. Your attraction melts me a lot.

Your gloomy moving attracts me in the corner of height.
Your message is eternal to light.

 Your kind regard to me is kind.
you are really beautiful and attractive.

Your highness makes me a lot.
Your emerald beauty appoints me in attraction.

Your scene is marvelous and shining.
Your high value makes me to live alive.

You are kind and beauty of green thought.
Your valuable deserving is successful in my path.

Your highness has race in fortune.
You are simple in the attraction.

Your high alienation makes me proud and honest.
Your support is my quietness.
You are good to know my agony and alienation..

 Parbat, Paiyun- 7