My Eye Beyond Sky

Thinking to another upper world, I am attempting to show the higher and new world beyond sky. Multilights are shining and we turn our eye to those shining stars and sun. Counting to the impossibility of reaching in galaxy, I bring the assumption of new world beyond the sky. As the astrology counts galaxy I count another universe. So another universe is peaceful and fully developed with civilization.

The unsolved mystry is not shown here. The universe is wonder of thinking and researching. It is endless to research the universe and beyond it. It is the logic and experiment to find out the truth. But our science is not capable to reach beyond this universe. So that our thinking is very much good to reach in new universe. The endless phenomenon is there that there is not centre at all in this universe.

The shinning elements are at distance that we see upward at sky. The shining lavas mention the universe and its entities. When sometimes we see lavas in earth they are melting to the sea world and that the reflection of lavas is turning as rainbow around earth. Amazing and wonderful structure of universe really affects out of sky. That reflected beauty counts the universe beyond sky. Reaching there in reality is never possible but the imagination is emerged with creative and critical thinking.

The newness is appeared frequently. The way of the knowing truth is difficult. The beautiful universe with varieties of light can be seen beyond the sky. The beautiful universe is infinite that gets immortality and eternality. So the way of the eternality is very much optimistic. The beauty of the worth lies in the eternality and curiosity. The uncountable stars and lights are the amazing sources of creation.

That may create another beautiful universe. The beauty of the moonlight shines in the universe of wonder. I jump to visit the universe of mine beyond this universe. The destination is there in death to human being. The sensitive mind has given us the depth of thinking to travel in that universe.