Word as My Bosom Friend

Really words, you are near and dear. My days and nights are spending with dearest words. In the alienation, words are teaching me to yield the art of arrow. Flowers are to and fro to dance with nature but I am roaming with words in universe to smile to my eternal art.That artistic words give me joy and amusement which yield the easy life. Your ( Words) presence makes me alive and permanent to have statue of writing in which I am hiding alone.

Laughing to words and the creations, I am attempting to live longer in this earth with artistic flowers. That is my highest aim to live without divorce with writing and word. In thick wood of alphabets, I am existed alone with sleepless days and nights to draw my history of art. I nourish the word with grand thought and care to make my bosom friend. No one can detach me with words that provide me the huge creation. Words are ideal and revolutionary that they bring me joy and pleasant days are coming to create new birth in huge bundle of writing.

I never feel alone in your presence that is your huge tribute to me to live happily. Due to your immediate coming, I survive myself with huge thinking which is different than common fellow. Sharing the uneasy things of life with you, I climb the stairs of life with many new creations from the womb of my mind. The divinity is there to raise new questions of life and I solve my self that coexist in my philosophical thinking. Now, word becomes alcohol to me that brings the moral values of words that they are not counted enough in this society that the money and fashions are counted enough.

The silent friends are words that they have kept the mind clean and positive. Our veins are clean with clean thoughts and sounds. But we have to keep mouth motionless. Words are attempting to share our clean thoughts and donot make alone. Word is bosom partner in life to share every part of life with core of silence. The lively art with high aim comes with artistic words. The core of heart is strong enough with word and its tackling. Words are pillars and characters of life which open the mind and heart with dignity of life and destiny. Mind becomes healthier and body seems fitting with new writing.

That is shining art of words in which the artist makes the strong house of writing that is not broken by earthly devastation and natural disaster. The separation of words makes me dull, sick and lazy. So I remain in the words within my sorroundings. I can be detached from relatives and human friends but not from the bosom friend word, the alphabet. Even after the death of my physical body, my word as creation lives in grave without burning and rotten.

My words are living always green in every corners of universe. That sounds relief to me everywhere. Even in grave, my words will be sounded as universal light. So word is my unseparated bosom friend.