ताजा खबर

Letters as My Souls

The alphabets are my unknown souls which make my life alive. The pearls of my life are attached to letters and alphabets. These letters are craving my life. These attachments carve my feelings and emotions in something really creative. The chain of life can be  situated in history of letters’paintings. I share sometimes the grand design of feelings with letters that they carve my history with truth. So I  provide something creative within literary world.


Letters are really creative and genuine . They wrought the huge buildings of thought and logics. Sometimes I merge the emotions with huge thought. Souls are survived with intellectual beauty. They  are with  the living history with genuine writing composition.They are visited by the shining and genuine writings. They are bundles of intellectual passions to give birth to the creative and genuine art. These artistic formations are pearls of life and destiny. These pearls conceive the genuine art in the womb of mind and they  never die in grave again. Such destiny teaches us how to live in alienated and isolated life. Lifeis green forever with living art of letters. So life is comfortable and joyful with spiritual flight. Letters are feathers of mind too.

So letters are life and destiny to record the history of life. Souls are merged in letters. Pearls are similar to literary creations. So letters  are playing the dominant part in life and history. Letters are alphabets.