Layers of Mountains

21 Bharda , ktm . Imagine the earthly space. How wonderful the universe is.No limitations are there in earth and universe.
Scientists have found the core point in earth but I see everywhere equal part of earth. No center is
existed yet in my mind. There are layers of mountains in earth and universe. Somewhere the hot desert
is there. .

Layers of mountains are unfinished up to other planets. Other planets are not separated from earth.
Scientists have maintained the distance from core point. But actually it is the unlimited space of
universe which is connected from earth. From core point of earth which scientists separated the
planets are at very distance. As the logical person, I find no center and see connected parts of earth
with other planets which are at high level of distance. The layers of mountains are barren in other
planets. Somewhere cloud can be seen only. In other places, ice, water, hot fire and other minerals like
sun might exist from early of its birth.

In conclusion , earth is as big as universe. It is joint part of universe. It is the joint part of all planets. It
has unfinished parts. When people traveled through sky it might not find actual point of earthly ending.
When new space was seen they named new planet. It has wide varieties of extending parts. So I see no
limitations on earth except the layers of many mountains and Himalayas.