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Amazing Art in My Hand

16 sharwan , ktm.
Art is ornament of life. It is the love for creation. Creation is unlimited as universe. Art is in creation.  Simple living with high imagination is curse in this society. I have bundle of passion in my creations. Many people are thieves in creation. But I am not. Creation should be genuine and original. That is in my luck line not to depend on others in my creative works. So I spend enough time in my creations.I could not think long to write something. I write immediately ,the poetic art which is my favorite subject.

I am not snobbish and proud in my work. I feel simple in my creation. But sometimes I feel amazing to myself in creation of art and her value. I feel expert sometimes to myself to create the artistic skill. I want to reach in the perfection of nature to evaluate the natural productions. I am very positive to art of nature to raise my voice of truth. I feel that I am secured with her presence.

I feel wonderful to nature and her support to me and my creation. When nature is there, I feel strong and skillful. I feel proud to her. I lose boring presence when nature is near to me weather she is wilder or softer in her coming. I see my eternal art of writing with her movement.

लेखक : Ms. Til Kumari Sharma