Thick Rivers of Lavas

12 Sharwan, ktm. Amazing is earth in her space. Wonderful nature has created the varieties of fire and hot production from earth. When I see the pictures of Lava, amazing river can be found. Lavas are hot productions from mountains and rocky Islands. The Lava follows like river of water. It has thick liquid like great river of hot liquid. It comes from mountains that inside mountains the yellow and red liquid comes or follows like river.

Lavas are amazing productions. Lavas are large productions in earth .They are natural and powerful. They have enormous source of fire and minerals. They have mixed in sea and ocean as firing fall. They are shining fragments and they are more powerful than vampires. They are minerals to produce everything. They have shining segments. Lavas have formed somewhere as rivers. Lavas are questioned by scientists. They are wonderful too.

Lavas are beautiful and attracting. Lavas are attracted and they are hinted by tsunami. Though that is very much dreadful and attractive to see scene. They are there in the light and fight of scenario. They are existing as family members of water and minerals.