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Shining Objects might be caused from Minerals and Decaying Objects

7 Sharwan, ktm .
Shining objects are everywhere.Lavas,Minerals,Volcanoes, Thunderstorm and others are shining
everywhere under earth and above earth. Sometimes snow is shining on tall mountains and Islands. It is wonderful work to research on the nature and universe.

We see often the rainbows with multi- colors. We see the shining objects of fire and minerals. In Nepal, some minerals are burning in river. We can see the lamp like burning gas in Muktinath, Mustang, Dhaulagiri, is ever burning. We see the origin of hot water. That may come from mineral or water itself produces the minerals. So water has varieties of forms. I think that the minerals are the great sources of life to produce cold and hot. Mineral and water are from same sources. Amazing creations of universe mention the life and beings. Nature is powerful in earth and universe. It is wonder of the knowledge that has created the everything in earth. It is the light and fire which are in dead and decaying bones as the burning fossil can be there.

In villages, the people say that the bright light in grave comes from ghost. But that ghost is emitted with dead people's bones. That is the useful part of human organs. Human is not completely died that useful parts can be found in dead bones of beings. So many things are shining in earth as well as in universe. Shining things are there.
Ms Til Kumari Sharma

लेखक : Report : Ms Til Kumari Sharma