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Water is born with volcanoes and lavas

Water is amazing source of universe. It has given life and death both. It has brought the construction and destruction. In earth, water is come from soil and it comes from snow. It is hot as well as cold. Amazing is it’s structure. It has given birth to mist,clouds,snow,ice and different sources of hotness like firing things. From cloud, the firing electricity appears in the form of thunderstorm. That cloud is born within water or from water vapor.

Rainbows are come with it’s mixture. Water brings bright light with it’s formation since it has the bright light of electricity. When we see the minerals burning in water it shows that water has source of light to make day in world. So that I think the water is shifted form of lavas and minerals that have caused the volcanoes too. So amazing fact is there to know the history of water. Water is the cause to move earth and earthquake, volcanoes and others. Tsunami comes with overflow of water. Volcanoes seem to come from water to soil.Water comes with liquid, solid and gas. It has everything with her varieties. Water has amazing construction as well as destruction.

Water is origin of life. So people pray to rivers as goddess. Water has hot and cold sources to bring
destruction and construction. Water has everything in earth that has existed the ice to volcanoes. So I think that sun,moon,stars galaxy and many others are wrought by water and it’s hot minerals. So water may born from hot minerals like lavas and volcanoes. They are melting in the form of water and minerals.

लेखक : Author- Ms. Til Kumari Sharma