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Lack of Scientific Invention on Universe

5 Sharwon, ktm.
Science is little to know about the galaxy and it’s production. It is amazing universe that many things have to be found. Universe is with faithful structure. No human has made to know all facts. No God has existed yet to give information of universe. It is due to nature and her everything as mysterious.

Universe is immense that is never finished in research.

Immense research is created. Large invention is in earth but the invention of complete universe is left. Universe has everything which we search. It is the mystery of universe what there is above sky. At night time, when we turn to sky, then we see shining stars , moonlike minerals and gas of water. Often the shining things appear from sky. Many stars are shining. I think over but sometimes I think that they are like hot gases from water clouds. Perhaps they might create hot minerals Consideration comes about shining things. Sun is made out of fire which is produced from form of water's gas.

The sun is made from large mineral gas. The stars are shining as they are formed from gases and minerals. If not, why does thunderstorm seem as the sign of fire from clouds and raining above the earth and near sky ? Wonder only is produced here in mind about the structure of universe. No one can exist as God to explain about the structure of universe. Nature herself is mysterious. Scientist can not complete it’s research of large universe. There is large gap between the research in earth and whole universe. Earth comes in research but universe has to be researched.

लेखक : Report : Ms .Til Kumari Sharma