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Sky with Immense Height

4 Sharwan, ktm.
The sky is better to have height and cover of earth. It has amazing fact. It has mystery of nature and her creation. The light and might are its power to control universe. The universe with sky has infinite power to observe the world. The sky has immense and infinite height and it is unmeasurable. It has immense and infinite shape.

Sky is immense because it has produced varieties of things. It is got with the light and natural
production. It has the air, water, mineral and so on. The way of the sky is unknown to us. The light is within sky. The sky has got Stars, Sun, Moon and other unknown things. The mystery of universe is defined with unknown facts. What is there? What is mystery? The sky is vanished within mystery.

The loyalty of universe is unlimited. Immense shape of sky is mysterious and unknown completely. How do the stars play the roles of themselves ? How do stars and sun appear on the sky? I think that sun, moon and stars are made with water and mineral sources. When I see the sources of water, minerals and ice then I think that they form the volcanoes and hot productions. They are formed with water and minerals. Perhaps the hot formation is caused with water, snow and ice.

So sky is immense and big. It is beautiful formation.It is highly productive. It is amazing formation of world. Sky has huge shape. It is within the wonderful place. Where is it? It is wonder of life to know the reality of universe. Oh, creator how do you form the universe with immense thinking and formation ? The sky is vast and infinite to manage universe. How are these stars shining ?

लेखक : Report : Ms. Til Kumari Sharma