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Agricultural Life

3 Shrawan, ktm.
Life is difficult in the villages. But it is decorated in the nature. Nature is parent figure. Agriculture is mother of nursing. Now a days, people are enjoying city life forgetting the essence of agriculture. It is beautiful formation to bring sustainable life for every beings. So agriculture is aptly the sustainable thing to every beings. Its focus lies essentially to human beings.

Due to pause of technology, agriculture turns into primitive age. Life is sustainable only in green source of nature which never ends. That endless greenery brings sustainable life to human being. So people ever survive in world with the development of agriculture. In this time of lockdown , people forget the life of city and turn to villages. They are engaging in field. It shows the essence of nature and village life with agricultural value. Agriculture is core of human survival and creation. It is the essence of breathe and life.

In short, we see the significant source of nature and her production to sustain life. Human beings are survived only with agriculture and they are dependent on agricultural productions. So it is better to develop agriculture with new invention to produce organic foods. So I see the immense value in agriculture and it’s survival point.

लेखक : Report : Ms Til Kumari Sharma