Wonderful Earth in Universe

30 Asar, ktm. Earth is amazing and wonderful. It is high creation in universe. It is called mother earth. Earth is highly constructive and living. Whatever is there we get when we quest. Many scientists have conveyed different perspectives about earth and her creation. Each creation is amazing and wonderful.

From ancient time, we see it’s amazing creation. It is mystery how to know complete history. It is
wonder of universe to have living organism. Science has studied about surface meaning as got by senses. Stone , water, soil and many others are called non livings. But I call all things living that have existed the earth and so called living creations and organisms. Science has not completed the research of my dear universe and earth. Each and every structure is wonderful. Oh nature, how dare you are in the form of water and soil as well as stone with minerals. From underground, minerals are exploded. The earth is moving and the minerals are exploded. From sky, many stars are seen and sun and moon also can be seen. Under earth, the minerals are found. Beside there, many creatures and green plants are there.

Above and under the earth, the hot gases are found. It is amazing and wonderful. It is fire under and above the sky. When we collide two stones, fire can be born. So it is amazing universe that snow , water, gas, mist and cloud wrought the things of fire like hot formation as sun,moon,stars and thunderstorm and so on. Wonder only is there within universe. Amazing thinking comes there and scientific knowledge is less there. How do we know the fact of mystery in earth ?