Lockdown in Villages

In Parbat today at first time we see the diseased people of Corona. They are from India. It is fearful for
us that we should be in distance. Actually the lockdown does not work properly. People are like in
previous time in line of bank, shop and so on.

In village, people go to other’s home as they were in previous time. It is not tide check in villages .They
gather and use to talk. I don’t like such intimacy between and among the people. When I attempt to
control them, they call me mad. The ignorant youth , old people and many others come and go to
others' home ignoring the danger of this disease. They ignore the voice of teaching and make us mad.So
it is difficult to control the people from home to home.

I observed the people, they were rounding without marinating the distance. Some people were from
other countries seemed only in home quarantine since two/three months without checking Corona. It
causes doubt when they come without fear in our villages. Since the disease is dangerous from foreign
and neighbouring countries we should be conscious to our own people , relatives and villagers from
outside.. So distance must be there from one home to other. It is emergency to look back every home
by visiting from police office and others.