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Female Education

1 Jest, Parbat . Female is centre of human population. Human civilization is beginning with female teaching.

Female is beginner of education.

She has nursed children. She is attached to brother figure,son figure and husband.Since she is attached to male figure from womb to tomb,she must be educated and independent

Women are talkative and superstitious in our society. They talk and enjoy unnecessarily. They are in indoor works. So they are talkative.

Women are involved in sexual assualt.

They are seen as enjoyment .Very often women are seen with outside beauty. Many cosmetics are made to decorate women organs. Many women are focusing on outside appearance.Bodily organs are focused to beautify the women. It is the outside world to highlight the outer beauty. Inner beauty is called sublimity or intellectual beauty.That is essence of life.Women must have inner beauty which makes world people. It has made world with positive thinking. Sublimity is essence of education. Arrogance of people is bad .

Many females are seen within outer beauty. It has collapsed the human education.Actually education is formal and informal. Both are needed to make human society. Inner beauty brings the social balance. It is educated beauty.Women need inner beauty with any essence.outer beauty is less valuable to move society educationally.

लेखक : Report : Til Kumari Sharma