Green Earth

Baisakha 17, parbat.
It is green earth which has destroyed the many diseases.The life is with many facilities as the impact of science that has destroyed the natural world.The nature is green and she has managed the world. The green earth saves life for long time.Nature has organic plot which hinders to great diseases.
We have to save green earth .It is with our life and destiny to pray the green earth.Our life will be managed with nature and green world.The green earth has organic plot which has killed the germs of bad virus.The earth is mother of every souls. We have managed to secure the green world.Earth is home and it is with good settlements. The green earth has to give us life.
We have to save earth.We should pray earth.We live in earth.We have to save green trees and organic earth which secure us from many diseases and obstacles.So the green earth is very strong to save us.