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Baisakha 12, ktm.
Himalayas are real ornaments of nation. They are real signs of beauty. It is our country that is decorated only with snowy Himalayas in the north side of Nepal. Among them, Mt. Everest is highest peak in the world that is our property. Our country has many Himalayas and Rivers.

Himalayas are snowy and shining. They are tall and bright. The snowy Himalayas are there to have the identity of nation. Many Himalayas are in the side of China. Rivers are in the side of India. Nepal is in the middle of China and India. Nepal is beautiful and the light of neighboring country. The nation has been decorated with snowy Himalayas, Mountains and many Rivers. Himalayas are healing the wounds of people too. Snowy mountains are jewelries of the nation. Himalayas are covered with snow. Sometimes snow is melting. Our snowy Himalayas are Sagarmatha (Mt.Everest), Machhapuchre (Fishtail), Dhaulagiri, Kanchanjanga, Sishne Himal and many others.  The snowy Himalayas   are within nation. Nation is there with beautiful snowy Himalayas. Our nation is the nation of Himalayas. Our Himalayas are shining beauty of the nature. Many Rivers are born with the snow of Himalayas.

So Himalayas are the properties of nation.   They are shining everywhere. Snow is shining everywhere. Snowy mountains are in the north and in the side of China and Tibet.  Himalayas are our properties especially of Nepal.

लेखक : Til Kumari Sharma