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Poverty and Illness

Poverty is crime in this society and illness is curse of society. When we are poor, people do not call us in standard work. Poverty is a kind of crime. Poverty is misused in politics and others. It is a kind of disease in society. When we do not have money, people disrespect us and we are not allowed to move the modern materials. We have not standard facilities. So we are far from the technological development and we seem uncivilized.

We have lost many chances due to lack of money and modern machines. We move computer, laptop mobiles in late time which make us little knowing about world. We don’t move properly. So we are behind to get many chances. Poverty has lockdown our hand and mind. Everything is got by money but we have not sufficient money to buy the facilities. So poverty is curse and illness. Poverty is a kind of curse of society which makes us ignorant in our unknown errors. Nepalese society is not much wealthy. We do hard labor but we earn not much. It is the exploitation of labor .The moral work becomes crime and criminal task in this society. The vulgar work becomes fine and fashionable. We as educated people have simple management of life. Though we feel lucky to get the educated job. Day and night we do hard labor to work but labor is used without benefit.  Only wisdom cannot earn money and it only gives knowledge to everybody .Knowledge is not equal to wealth in modern world. Materialistic world is counted with civilization. So poverty seems with us as curse which brings illness.

Poverty and illness are relating to the weakness of society. Poverty is a kind of failing from life. If we pay a lot and give bribe we can study, publish books in foreign publication otherwise we do not have chance. If we have standard mobiles and machines we will be talent in technological world otherwise we don’t have knowledge of them and we make errors unknowingly. Then we will fail to achieve goodness and standard life and facilities.



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लेखक : Report :Til Kumari Sharma