World People


People are properties of world. In world, the people become scientists, leaders, authors, journalists, engineers, doctors, farmers and so on. The people are everywhere thinking that world is home. The boarder is made by human politics.By nature, the boarder is lost to have equality. So t think there is no sense of ‘you and I ‘in world. The earth is equal for everybody to live. World people must be secured everywhere with the sense of humanity and morality.

People are going to limit the humanity only with national intimacy. It is not good. It does not have human world and humanity. We should be careful with moral as well as human sublimity. We must have world sisterhood and brotherhood relation. Having the good relation with world people we make one world with civilization. In world, there were wars and battles with fake competition. The one human is enemy of other. It’s nonsense competition. Due to religion, the people are divided in different groups and bring battles. The futile battle has created many deaths and bloody wars. It shows inhuman nature and uncivilized world. The world intelligence will be there when we do equal to world people. Respect and humanity bring the equal humanity. We should treat foreign people as equal as national people. We are humans of world. Earth is our home and she is pond of knowledge. We light the world with moral lamp and kind heart. No sense of negativity should be there . Earth is pond of our intelligent thoughts.

So in conclusion, I say that we should do equal to world people with brotherhood and sisterhood relation .We are guests of earth for few days and we should not be cruel to good people. The rules must be equal to all poor and rich people of earth. There are no barriers between rich and wealthy countries. The measurement of knowledge   counts the world power. Education is the measurement of power relation. We should be respected in foreign countries and foreigners should be respected in our country. That creates mutual relationship between and among the countries.