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The water in Horizon

The water in the horizon is always in the periphery. The cold environment in horizon is really beautiful and endurable. The old earth has reassured the environment better and it has the concept of healthy environment. The little is known about horizon but the coldness and hotness go to have format of earth frequently. The way of knowing earth and its formation is really beautiful.

The environment is changing and the failure of human mind has tumor in its phase that is very much good to those ignorant people. The way of knowing massive knowledge about environment crisis in human world comes within mental order. So we human can seek the peaceful environment in nature. The way of natural environment is really amusing and interesting which makes mind sharp and clean. The prophecy is counted within the nature and natural environment. The way of formation of earth is wonderful. In horizon the water lies as in sea. But there the water is preserved within cloud , sun, moon and stars.

The weight of earth is beautiful and uncountable in which assumption comes in the light. The delight in horizon comes with in pleasure and the beauty in space counts the empty or chaos. The chaos has everything but we can not see. The way of knowing is very much knowledgeable. The way of nurturing universe is in its amazing rules and regulations. The motion able horizon is like sea. That sea mentions the perseverance of water in horizon to balance sun, moon and stars with connection to earth. The beauty of notion is in questing there the knowledge of universe. The universe in the horizon is unseen.

The light of the motion in horizon is dark that is the due to natural law. The horizon has the amazing wave to keep earth stable. The earthquake is affected with its environment. So I assume the horizon has large amount of water and it has been preserved as gas and cloud. The way of earth is hot in sea which melts water from lavas. So the water is really all around the universe that the centre is no where. The wave is from the horizon to create volcano, earthquake , lightening and so on. The weight of horizon seems heavy and chaos.

The hosting cloud in sky preserves the water, sun and with their combination the lightening is produced. The horizon is come within the sky and earth. The natural environment is playing in the horizon with healthy scenario. The light and destiny come within the delight and mystry. The deformed human mind is structured with different tumor. That is without clean thought.

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लेखक : Til Kumari Sharma