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Nepali New Year 2077

Oh New Year come with new hopes and aspirations.
Make the travelling to world with human equality.
Create new dreams with expensive feathers.
Bring the higher thoughts to every moral.
Bring the feathers to make fairy of sea and land.
Hover with highest thinking in coming year.
Live with eternal feathers even in the tomb.
Fly with feathers to lead the world.
Light the lamp all over the world with beautiful thoughts
come New Year with beautiful immense thoughts.
Come 2077 with huge power of my country to dominate who dominate me and my writing..
Live the nation long with our blessing of 2077.
New Year You with Corona Virus seems diseased.
Don’t lose hope and journey in life to live long.
New Year comes with clean water and clean thought.
Light the world without new decease.
Ms Til Kumari Sharma.West Nepal Parbat -Paiyun7, Hile Bhorle

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