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The Beings inside Sun

The unidentified beings are in sun and we are unknown to each other. The unidentified entities are there in the sun circle as in sea and land world. The way of the sun shine is beautiful for us and often we can not live with its hotness. The way of the sunshine is needed to have our nourishment. So it is the way of knowing just earth and sun within journey. The beautiful earth is really shining in its sphere with sun shining and sun is affected with earthly creation. So I bring the assumption of beings in the sun shining.

The detail of sun heat is unknown to us but there must be different beings which are more different than us. The separation of the moon sun and earth revolves around the universe with their routine. The sun entities are living in extreme hot that is the universal rule. The beautiful sun has its hot and cold entities that extreme cold entities call volcanoes. The hotness comes within cold of origin . So the amazing force of nature is there. The real movement of sun is within the cool environment.

So sun has large amount of coolness and drought too. Both mention the sun’ s height. So in the wave of sunlight the varieties of beings might be existed earlier. The sun as the power of universe is weak sometimes. So we have to see the sun from depth of study and its energy that the sun is emergence of depression of hotness. Many beings are there within the source of knowledge. The dividing lines of the sun seem mysterious. The beings in the sun are really but we can not see them.

The universal structure is really amusing and curious to know. The way of living strange creatures is very much interesting to know and understand. Not only the scientists are perfect but I also can bring the assumption near the truth with high imagination. The sun as hot circle seems like the ball of fire. But it may have the cold document and other icy things inside its corner. With the natural change it is frequently varieties in its structure.

The beings in the survival amount are not rare rather there has some natural entities to bring life and destiny. So the light is genuine in the truth and questing is about the beings in the sun and inside it. The beautiful sun seems yellow and white that comes in the middle of universe. That shining sun is output of all things as of water, lavas and many things.

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लेखक : Til Kumari Sharma