Our Society

Really our society is not developed well. The so- called educated people are not well. They do not value
the education of daughters but they value and respect money and matter.

The society is ill -formed. The ego and criticism work here.The society is tearing to beautiful writer like
me. The golden opportunities are thrown aside. When I view deeply, the sense of ego has worked from
junior to seiner. The society is valuable with male thinking.

The dirty males are counted as intellectual. Daughters are left aside even they have brilliant mind. It is ill society. The patriarchy doesn’t think daughter as superior. They neglect the female teaching and good doings of daughter. So daughters are viewed negatively. The parents have selfish eye to judge daughter.

Actually daughters are the buildings of parents. When daughter is educated, the social people have egoist eye. In teaching good things, they joke and make insane to us. It is their fake joke and record to daughter figure. This bad society should be changed. The patriarchy wants to remove our original identity and misrepresents us. It is the fake society to treat us violently .

The daughters are thrown aside. They are blamed violently . Parents are hoping to sons and they make
the silence to daughter figure. The patriarchy wants to hide our real identity and good doings and want
to dominate a lot.