Hot Air and its Effect

Air is our life and destiny.The airy season is attractive and loveable. The air is everywhere and it saves
our life. Air is on earth to maintain every life. Air is breadth of every beings. Air contains the healthy life.
But today air is lacked in city life due to lack of trees and plants. Air is life and destiny. It secures the life.
But hot air is risk.

Sometimes, the air is hot and warm that harms our life. In Terai, the air seems hot in summer season.
The hot air kills the people. It is enemy too .The hot air is come with hotness of sun. The hot air is risky
and dangerous. The air is essential in life. But somewhere the hot air brings disaster and death. It
collects the disease and life. Hot air is not nice in hot place. The air which is good for people according to
place is nice and living otherwise the air seems dangerous killer. It seems like ghost lover to kill. The
sun7339’s hot light creates hot year in earth. So nature has amazing power to create anything in earth.

The air is medicine in life. It is life with breadth. The another part of life to count is hot air which is risk
in life. It is in plane land. It is difficult to have hot air to breadth. The different kinds of air bring life ,
death and destiny.