Around the Sea

Sea is different than land and soil. The power of water is divided with hot and cold things. Water is decorated with sea weeds and sea creatures. Sea is different than another world.

Drought as desert is without water. Water is parents figure of earth. It has good formation in itself. Sea has many creatures with rich living. Sea is power of earth. Sea is married by sky and cloud appears in between them.

Sun is wrought by sea ' s power. Sea is made with water. Sea has volcanoes and lavas with their intimacy. Sea has enough space and it is making new space by destroying many settlements. Sea is hiding many historical things inside its depth. So we can find historical formation somewhere when sea is leaving her space to another place.

Anyway sea is large part of water. Sea is huge and fearful.  When you sea pacific Ocean it is really amazing and wonderful. It is very different world than land of this soil world. Wonder of earth is different with oceans and sea. Around sea,it is love to see beauty and wild nature. Wilderness is still the attractive thing in universe. Around sea, life is mysterious.