Nature as Immense power

Nature has everything we think. This is immense power in universe. Nature is living in herself though
the science has destroyed nature with some destruction. Nature has great capability to form
everything we need. Nature has good everything in itself.

Nature is everything in this universe that no one can win her power. She has done destruction as well
the construction. So that she is life and death both. Many creatures are living and surviving with her
power, again the people disrespect to her. So she has immense power and immense capacity to make
and break. Nature has flooding , tsunamis and many destructions. Nature has respected human with her
immense power. She is everything in universe . So l like to persuade nature and her immense power.

What we get from nature is relief and sometimes we get pain and death. Nature heals the human
wound. She has given pleasure and she often persuades the human destiny and life.

To sum up the nature, she is mother earth. She has power of capacity to endure everything . She has
huge power to illustrate the infinite things. She is the powerful and mysterious thing in universe. Really
nature is huge and shining thing, in which we can get everything.