Decenter of Earth

6 aasbin, parbat.
Earth has not any centre that is with infinite place. Scientists have centralized the earth to fetch other
planets. Real earth has nowhere the centre. So that earth has infinite destiny to take journey. It is
decentralized. Earth is travelled by spacecraft but it is unfinished journey.

Earth is post-modernized with decentralization. It has formed the whole planets and the way of
decentralization. It is good to have illustration of other planets. The planets are attached to universe.
Sometimes I guess the planets are attached to earthly parts. The decentralization is beautiful
description of earth. Many planets are there to identify themselves. The weight is amazing and the
universe is immense. The way of earth is very difficult to survive.

It is the universe which is connected with earthly beauty. Decenter is meaningful to describe. It is true
description of earth to have the decenter of place. So decenter is survival to define the earth.