Drought in Love


Dried in early beginning as ashes of fire.
Innocent as I to my love.
Drought with dropped tears.
Painted in the wall of unknown love.
Time has passed a lot.
Unknown to destiny of life.
Teas were rolling down.
Now tears are dried out.
I have become rock to forget pain.
Tears are beside the human.
Unseen tears are taking joy with pain and suffer of life.
Huge mind was fallen in love which is unbelievable even today.
Love is true but as strong rock to endure the unbearable things of life.
Standing on self corner to visit my self and positive dream.
The delight is painful and unhealthy.
Huge sky is opening my heart to be true friend.
Loss is pain with gain.
Mature tears are quarreling to fetch little history of my red natural sign of forehead.
Standing alone with my self knowledge is my glory.
The drought in love gains the only tears and artistic life.
Drought in love is only my little history.