Science Bright Sky


Science is the great achievement.
It has presented the height of sky.
It is little achievement in front of universe.
It is light of sky.
The worth is there to find out something inventive.
Science is something new.
It is the total beautiful scenario.
It is the light of invention though it seems little.
It is bright way to quest but it is unfinished search.
It is the height of light and motion.
It is the inventive scenario.
It is mother of killer sometimes.
It yields the many facilities.
It is the progress of science.
Science is the unfinished quest.
It is always questing.
It is little in this universe.
It is the sometimes losing the truth to find out core of earth.
Earth has no center point.
The light is vanished in this earth.
Sea is everything.
Cloud is everything to lead the universe.
Light is vanished sometimes in this universe.
Might is universal power.
Mystry is nature and science is little to travell upon it.