Colorful Universe


Universe is with multi colors.
Amazing structure is there.
It has created everything we need.
It has leaded the whole planets.
The water is source of everything.
The color is dismissed.
The minerals are running .
Unlimited Space is wrought by nature.
Abundant use of water creates everything amid the different segments.
Many things are lavished to be another thing.
Science has devasted a little.
Creation or everything is abundant.
Immense part is there.
Huge portion of nature is there.
Nature is verified here.
Universe is made by water and rocks.
Shining fire is there.
Weapons are there within nature.
Nature is destined .
Destination is there of every creatures.
Infinite path is there to convey universe.
Everything is here .
Nothing is there.
Amazing point is mentioned. Colorful is it’s structure.
Multicolours are found in earth.
Colorful is it’s path and destination.