New incidents in Kathmandu 

26 Sharwan, ktm.
Kathmandu,now a days, is full of crimes and different accidents= Now a days, the wonderful incidents are there= In Kapan, a child was got to secure by Pushpa=Mother was hidden= Still the mother is not the subject of quest but Pushpa is in debate= It is amazing and nonsense task of YouTubers= Pushpa has not bad character= Her aim is not to kill baby= She does not want to earn money. Rather she wants to secure mother and daughter knowingly.

On the other hand, a child was found in bushes by itÚs mother in Pepsicola= In the same way, the
people are murdered by criminals= In this way, the incidents are growing day by day= The crimes are there to have pollution= Some places are with crimes of murdering, somewhere children are thrown in bushes and jungle= Some illigal sex lovers kill people= Some dramas are shown to save people.

Different incidents are happening and people are dying= It is very sad to hear the painful incidents .on the other hand corona has attacked the people= In this condition , the government should judge right and wrong .