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Massive Raining, Flooding and Landslide in Nepal

18 Sharwan, ktm.
Now the loss of Nepal is seen in natural disasters than in Corona Virus. Our country is victimized with many destructions or the devastation is everywhere in Nepal. It is the raining season in our country. The people are there to accept death unwillingly. Many forests with trees are destroyed by nature. Raining emits the flooding and landslides. In our country, the massive landslide and flooding have killed many people.

The natural sources have destroyed many places of our country, Nepal. Many rivers are insane to lose the settlements of many people and beings. But government is closing it’s eyes to hide the scene of destruction and it is going to save it’s political position. Raining with the landslide and flooding is huge disaster than great disease, Corona. But the eyes of goverent are turning to huge part of politics.Hello government ,where is humanity with morality? If the government is good it should look to the poverty stricken society and victims in nation. Hello government, where is your quest ?

The people are losing the homes, family and all things. Some people are died. Some people are weeping in roads. It is pain of people to lose everything. In this situation, the government is closing the eyes. Our country has many landslides and floodings.Many people are died in river and landslides. Now, we have heard that people in Parbat,Lamjung,Sindhupalchok, Tanahu, Syangja, Gulmi and many other places, are died due to flooding and landslides.Narayani River has devasted the land, roads and bridge. It has dived many houses.

It is pitiable condition on Nepal that many people are displaced due to natural disasters and roads are blocked. It is nature that we can not control for it.It is powerful and uncontrollable source to finish the people and destiny. Amazing nature finishes the life and work of people unknowingly. OH ! the nature, mention yourself to save the life and destiny of people. The poverty is danger. The people are crying for food, settlements and family losing. The people are diving in rivers. The bridges are broken due to massive flooding and landslide. The deportment of government is not positive to natural disasters. The ministers are worrying to their position rather than to poverty and complexity of people.

People in landslide and flooding are died more than in disease of Corona virus. The light of government is lost to quest the complexities of people. The danger situation of Nepalese people is pitiable. The tears are falling down and sound of dead voice is echoing our ears. People are homeless and they are in the grave of their made home. Raining has dived many houses in Terai.Kailali,Bardia and many other places are dived and people are homeless.

Nature is powerful and higher in front of fake human political power. She has right to judge the power of human. She has caused human disaster and destruction with flooding, raining and landslides. Many disasters are there. It is pitiable situation of country. No politics can control nature. The people are there to have tears and government does not care for the people.Raining is great source to have disaster and it is often useful too in agricultural wave . This year has brought great disaster with flooding, landslide and heavy raining. The government should be careful for every disasters.

लेखक : Report : Ms Til Kumari Sharma(Pushpa)