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Writing as Largest Art in Universe

2 Sharwon,  ktm.
Writing is immense in world to keep living civilization and history. It is immense art.Art is seed of every civilization. Art shows real world of that time. It is not stone statue nor any others. It is made with largest alphabets as with real description. So writing is immense as universe to reflect the reality.

Writing is living organism of history and civilization. Writing is medicine of writer. It has wrought the great histories of time. It is eternal art of any shining hands of huge writer. So now we read Plato, Shakespeare and so on. The writer is skillful person with high personality. I felt often the huge artist of universe when my writing was existed with my real images. Writings are doors to travel in world. It is wonderful structure with writer's personality. Huge mind only creates the genuine art with the writing. It appears with writer's personality. Writing is a kind of genuine personality of any writer. It is genuine and shining history of genuine author. Author has home due to artistic skill. Writing is higher in earth to hide the shining beauty of any writer. It is the
writing to make us alive.

Writing is always living . It is revived even after our death. It is not making our mind disable .It is able art to have living history of our life. It is ornamental in itself. Writing is huge shape of any writer's mind. It is huge discovery and art which can not be removed by any body. It is huge and large in thinking and writing. It is like ocean not to dry forever. It has created massive knowledge in the world. It makes our mind as universe with infinite knowledge. So it is immense , eternal and huge art.

लेखक : Report : Ms. Til Kumari Sharma