About Love

20 Asar,  ktm.
Love is kidnapped in jail. It is life and destiny. Without love, there is nothing valuable thing. Love is
medicine and it is destiny of life.

It is the sacrifice and tribute. It is the way of destiny and path founder. It is the exam of life. It is the light of life and destiny. Love is death too. It is the birth of life. It is failure and success too. It is sunshine and moon shine. Love has kidnapped the great people. It has made failure to great people to join in family connection.

Love has brought depression. It is wonderful creation in earth. It is circle of life. About love , it is void and good pot to fill with kindness and humanity.

Love is once to marry is really good. Love is birth and death both. It is medicine and poison. It is fake as well as real structure. It kills and gives birth. It is the ornament to decorate and weapon to cut us. Love is nice shining in earth. It is the shining attachment in life. It is the light of heart and soul. It is the elastic of life to have hope and aspiration.