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Our quarantine

It is politically made in Paiyun.
It is unconditional and with Monopoly in Paiyun.

Real intellectuals are lost and we are not secured.
Distant and good environment is lost.

We fear to the rough management of Paiyun.
We feel that they think themselvelves bigger than other intellectuals.

Real morality is lost.
Doors of room are immature.

Possibility of something wrong might be happen .
The place is unbelievable and dishonesty.

The immature some news are not with our voice.
Only they see the management of wifi.
Distance is lost.
I challenged few greedy and immature doctors of Nepal who can not find out real deasese.

Only limited toiles are there.
Touching system is there.

So we revolted and turned to home to live in home quarantine to be secured.
Management to old mother and small child is totally lost.

Real news is lost with their local journalist.
Thanks to Kadarnews to listen our voice in national and international scenario.

Paiyun- 7, parbat

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लेखक : Writer-. Til Kumari Sharma