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Witches and Fairies

Baisakha 9, ktm.
The world has wonderful creations. Miracle is there in earth. The earth has heaven as well as hell. Heaven is the home of fairies and hell is the home of witches. Fairies have moral code, moral learning and moral teaching. They do not know the world of technology and development. But witches are those who misguide the people with technology and development.

Witches are those who misguide the people. They dance in hell with sex and physical world. They have loved the outer world. They live the life of sex and technology. Witches are using people with sex and joy. Science has said the biological world as sex needed world. So technological world misrepresents the fairies sometimes when they are not familiar with it. Fairies are those who make moral of world. Fairies are those who don’t know how to move the technological world. So they have sometimes technical errors. Fairies are beyond human world .They are in the world of goddess and virginity. Fairies want the freedom of wisdom and moral. Fairies are dancing in heaven to bring moral code. Fairies love the spiritual world and wise thoughts. In earth, witches are commenting the people and doings of goodness. Witches are with greed to break others’ life but fairies are ignoring outer world and they are innocent and honest. Fairies are in their own world to be wise and brave.

So witches are lower than fairies .Witches are in hell. Fairies are in heaven where sunshine is shining and stars are dancing, plants are playing and growing, thunderstorm is attached with nature. Fairies are presenting the natural and moral world whereas the witches are presenting the physical world.

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लेखक : Til Kumari Sharma