Political Distance


Politics has dominated the people and world. It has presented the inequality and badness. It has suppressed the people. Politics has brought the worthless home and situation. It has dominated the woman values and norms. The light is dismissed. Politics has ruined the homely prestige and norms. It has related the worthless home that one misrepresents the other by walking upon the prestige of member.

Politics has played the bad role. All politics are not good.  So the justice should be there. Political blindness has commented the prestige of sisters and others. The blindness has gone with animalistic behavior. Light is off in their head that they are lying everywhere. The wavy pattern of intelligence is lost in their disable mind. That disable mind has picked up the enemies’ head. The disable minds are disregarding us. The worth is there when we have internal support in our thought. The values are there. The   wavy light is there to know people. Politics has ruined the people, home, prestige and family. Politics breaks the dignity of people and good doings.

The light of politics is dazzling the sky .The nature is purer than the rag home. The nature is justified with natural law and the politics has ruined the life. The political people are not honest and they are doing anything for their benefit. They do not have honesty and good judgement. The political dust has ruined our dignity and faith.