Cloudy Wave in My Art

The uncontrolled emotions of spiritual cloud in my writing teach me how to live the life. So I am smiling in my failure thinking me as the wave of new art in my corner of world. The death of someone preserves another life as my failure preserves new moon of my soul and eternal art that is shining in my fellow writing. The morning light is shining as new ray of my artful creation that is the way of living and surviving with joy and happiness. The sate light of thinking is slow and for me the sky of thinking emerges frequently in my mind. The rainbow of colors is got in my writing that has merged the varieties of wisdom. The uncontrolled writings are my mind’ s feathers to fly and round in universe.

The destiny of the life reaches in universe to count my unlimited knowledge. The higher the flight will be in future and will emerge with respect with unlimited scientific thoughts. The attraction of cloud can not be detached from me that I want to be there with my high art and innovative thinking. The handsome beauty of cloud is counted with my unlimited curiosity in knowledge. The surrounded beauty is there in bundle of cloud in sky which is similar to my writing and art. The heroic cloud is night fellow to me to give birth to my writings.

The gloom often preserves the cloud and rain emerges as my unseen tears which fall in deception and failure. I am not to fail but the users come as mosquito to disturb me and to suck my blood as wild beast. I have humanity in my heart but I see lust and passion with them. So I attached to the cloud and its shining beauty. The golden thought is higher than diamond.

The living standard is with simplicity and I am dancing like fairy in my innovative thoughts in heaven to show the spiritual light. The purity of cloud emerges in my own and the alinated beauty covers my art and sublimity. The new light emerges in my voice of revolt against injustice. The design of art is not to attach to others that I have to create my own literary world in the heaven of isolation. The sound is hiding behind and the silence is my creation in art. My flying feathers are not like mythic feathers of Icarus.

My feathers are never fall from the height. My journey goes and goes to higher roof of sky and the art takes birth in that difficulty. So I am smiling always with infinite curiosity in my art. Sisyphus once tired to the life and felt death as relief but I have greed to live eternally to bring the genuine art. So I am hovering to mingle in beauty of cloud to have spiritual travelling. I mention to the universe with high respect in natural formation as cloud as my attached heart. So, oho! Cloud you are my bosom and core of heart.